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Text-based tutoring is the best way to help your kid do better at school. Only $99/month.

Math Tutoring

How does it work?

Humbot Flexible Tutoring
Your kid can text a tutor anytime on Messenger. No scheduling and no video calls with strangers.
Humbot Convenient Tutoring
Maximum Convenience: Students text their tutor just like they are used to texting their friends.
Humbot Affordable Tutoring
Affordable: For only $99/month, your child can text a tutor as much as they like.

What do parents and students say?

“Thanks. My grade went up, and my teacher recommended people to get this. He sent a email to all his students.”
Charles (10th grade)
“You know, sometimes I feel like I just want you to be my teacher 😂”
Alexandra (11th grade)
“My daughter has been anxiously awaiting her grade and got it today. It was a B and she was ecstatic. That was a huge change for her. We were so happy for her and have your help to thank for it.”
Stephanie (Parent)

What is Humbot?

Humbot is a text-based tutoring service focusing on subjects up to 12th grade and college. Our tutors are experts in teaching Math, Chemistry, Physics and more. They support students with homework, exam prep or whatever is required. Students text our tutors on Facebook Messenger and get the help they need through a combination of text and images.
We believe that tutoring is too expensive and inefficient, and our goal is to make tutoring more accessible and fun for kids worldwide.
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Got Questions?

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