Il s’agit de l’application compagnon mBlock nécessaire pour communiquer avec les robots des Chromebooks. Utilisation: – Installer l’application Chrome – Ouvrir …

This is the mBlock companion App needed to communicate with the robots in Chromebooks.

- Install the Chrome App
- Open to use mBlock

- Due to technical issues, only USB Cable connection is supported. You CANNOT connect your robot through 2.4G or Bluetooth.

mBlock is a graphical programming software based on Scratch 2.0 for STEM education. It not only allows you to create interactive stories, games, animations and more fun projects, but also offers a simple way to code with Makeblock robots and other Arduino based hardware. Furthermore, mBlock equips with FREE on-line manuals and courses, optional textbooks and teaching materials to educators and students for basic-to-advanced programming learning.

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