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Unique Curriculum System

To help teachers, parents, or children get started easier and faster, you will also find that we provide online manuals and two online courses that will be updated regularly. These online tutorials are developed and maintained by teachers, especially scratch teachers, at home and abroad. Know more here.

mBot Add-on Packs

mBot Add-on Pack Interactive Light & Sound

mBot Add-on Pack Interactive Light & Sound is a 3-in-1 pack based on mBot. You can construct « Lighting Chasing Robot », « Scorpion Robot » and « Intelligent Desk Light » with mBot and the components in this pack. Each one has infinite possibility. To experience the magic of mBot in the changing light and sound.

mBot Add-on Pack – Servo Pack

mBot servo pack is a 3-in-1 pack based on mBot. You can construct « Dancing Cat », « Head-Shaking Cat » and « Light-Emitting Cat » with mBot and the components in this pack. mBot servo pack makes mBot more vivacious and enjoyable, which is of benefit to children’s creative thinking.

mBot Add-on Pack – Six-legged Robot

mBot six-legged robot is a 3-in-1 expansion pack based on mBot. You can construct « Beetle », « Mantis » and « Crazy Frog » with mBot and the parts inside the pack. The mBot six-legged robot makes mBot more vivacious and enjoyable. Let’s get your six-legged robot move!

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  • Brain Training – Give your mind a boost with neuroscience games
  • Concentration Training – Improve your focus with over 15 games in Memorie
  • Decision – Train to make better decisions
  • Cognitive Flexibility – Increase your productivity by accelerating your responsiveness
  • Rethinking – Understand the space around you better
  • Brain Activity Tracking – Track your mental state with brainwave sensors
  • Safe to use – certified safe and non-invasive
  • Wireless sync – sync your statistics via Bluetooth
  • Long battery life – up to 4 hours per charge
  • One size fits all – the adjustable bumpers provide a perfect fit
  • Compatible with all common devices – Compatible with iOS and Android
  • Tracking – View your mental states in real time with brain wave sensors

Exercise while understanding your mind

The Neeuro Senzeband not only teaches you brain training based on mental exercises, but also helps you to understand your mind during exercise. The Neeuro has a built-in brain wave sensor that detects your mental condition and shows you whether your mind is responding positively to your workouts. Neeuro Senzeband helps you train your mind even better.

Aattention state

Neeuro Senzeband detects if you are getting enough concentration during the exercises. They can track your attention and thus control even better and identify which visual and auditory things distract you.

State of relaxation

The mind works better when in a more relaxed state. By looking at your relaxation levels, you can understand how different mental stimuli or environments affect your training.

Mental Workload Status

When our brain has problems, our mental burden is increased. Track your mental load and see if existing workouts sufficiently stimulate the mind.

{tab Function}

Step 7

Adjust the rear reference sensors so that they fit securely behind both ears.

Step 8

To make sure the connection is set up correctly, go to Settings & gt; in the Memorie app. Run and set the SenzeBand until all four indicators on the application are green. This means that the sensors on the SenzeBand have a good signal when reading your brain waves. Have fun! with your SenzeBand!

Features mBot

Bluetooth Version

  • Suitable: Individual users of family
  • Host computer: Support Bluetooth
  • Pairing: Bluetooth Pairing
  • Driver needed: Yes
  • App: Yes
  • Connection: Wireless connection with smartphones, tablets, and PCs with Bluetooth capability
  • Apple device: 1) iOS 9 or above / 2) Bluetooth 4.0 or above / *exclude iPad 1, iPad 2, iPhone?4 or below
  • Android device: 1) Android 4.3 or above / 2) Bluetooth 2.0 or above


  • Software and programming: mBlock(graphical) Mac, Windows, iPad mBlocky, Arduino IDE
  • Inputs: Light Sensor, Button, IR Receiver, Me Ultrasonic Sensor, Me Line-follower Sensor
  • Outputs: Buzzer, RGB LED, IR Transmitter, two motor ,ports
  • Microcontroller: Based on Arduino Uno
  • Power: 3.7V Lithium battery(charger on board) or four 1.5V AA batteries (not included)
  • Wireless Communication: Bluetooth (Bluetooth Version)
  • Dimensions: 17 x 13 x 9cm assembled
  • Weight: 1034g assembled

{tab Connect Neeuro with mBot}

Setting up the app and the robot

first Download Mindsync – The central office that sends brainwave signals from the SenzeBand to your robot or microcontroller

second Set up the robot – code your robot or microcontroller so that its actions can only be controlled with your brainwaves.

3rd Connect and learn

micro: bit is a microcontroller that can be integrated as a communication device, game console and even into complex systems. micro: bit is suitable for primary and secondary schools.

Makeblock mBot

With the Makeblock drag-and-drop programmer, students can easily program the mBot with standard or custom codes to make learning easier. The mBot is suitable for secondary schools.


LEGO EV3 helps make, program, and control LEGO robots better, faster, and more interesting than ever before. The EV3 is suitable for the tertiary range.

{tab FAQ}

How many sensors does the Senzeband have?

The Neeuro Senzeband has 6 sensors – 4 individual channels and 2 reference sensors

Do you have any questions?

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