To abused alcohol. During the past year I

To whom it may concernI am writing to appeal my academic dismissal from University of Colorado Boulder. My grades at University of Colorado Boulder have never been great, I know this past 3 semesters my grades have been very low. This is my own fault and I take full responsibility for it.  When I first came to University of Colorado Boulder I had a great time and made many friends. During my time at the university I ignored my C grades instead directed my attention towards parties and fun. After turning twenty one my behaviour got out of control and I began to party more excessively than before. Regrettably I did not manage my freedom at college well instead I let everything go out of control and abused alcohol. During the past year I missed most of my classes, quizzes and exams because I partied until the morning and stayed in bed with a hangover. Instead of studying, going to classes and preparing for my exams I chose to go out with my friends and abuse alcohol. I am not proud that I let alcohol get in my way of achieving success at university and I am very disappointed in myself. The academic dismissal from the university has been a big warning message for me and I have been forced to recognize my behaviour and attitude towards my academic goals have been the issues of my failure. Since the academic dismissal I decided to change my behaviour and attitude towards my studies. After letting my parents know about the academic dismissal I had many hard consultations with them and they encouraged me to use this time to seek help to ways to get myself back on track. I know I can’t do this alone so parents decided to help to pull this through. When I go back to my hometown Ulaanbaatar I will live under the supervision of my parents, will go to therapy sessions to find paths to change my attitude and to learn how to have fun at college by not relying on alcohol to have pleasant time in college. Also I will get myself tutors so I can perform academically better.I am fully aware that if I don’t change myself I should not be given any chance to attend University of Colorado Boulder. However I am confident with the support of my parents I will be to change myself for the good and become a strong student.